returns and exchanges.


Returns regarding to wrong shipments.

In all cases where they are delivered other than sold, by type and quantity or have previously agreed by ELTA, the customer returns the products for observation to ensure wrongdoing within 2 days. In this event the shipping costs and revision costs will be conducted by the COMPANY as long as the return policy is followed.


The shipment costs are covered by the COMPANY.

  1. In the event that a product’s packaging is destroyed partially or in bigger part. The customer is obligated to check the packaging in the event that it is damaged in any way and has the right to reject the delivery and return to the deliverer or to voice the /problem or complaint within 2 calendar days from the delivery date but any further days, results to the loss of this right, thus be aware to disclose the problem within the days stated above. The COMPANY is obligated to promptly replace the product with another. It will be considered that the parcel has arrived in perfect condition unconditionally if not stated.
  2. If the package undergoes packaging damage or property shortage, in which property, has been previously documented by the COMPANY.
  3. In the event of returns by costs covered by the COMPANY, the product must be returned in the situation received by the customer and in time frame applicable as stated above. Any hesitation to do so by the customer will be accepted only for reasons relating abuse or the right of return based on the above conditions.
  4. For situations regarding the return of any products, they must be accompanied by the product itself as well as all the paper work (such as ……….) and all the packaging of the order.
  5. In the event of a return of a product, we will replace the item under the condition that we take into consideration all the necessary checks accessed by the company.
  6. In the event that the products are returned damaged, or returned in partial form, the COMPANY has the right to ask for compensation, the cost of which will be determined by the condition in which it is received when the claim is made against the customer.



In agreement with the guide 2013/11/EK, in which was incorporated in Greece, with KYA 70330/2015, different electronic resolutions are now available. Alternative Dispute Resolution in its entirety with the European Union. If a customer has any problem with the purchase in which they have made from a website, they can initiate the procedure…through the panasian platform for the electronic resolution of differences (platform HED) available at htpps://


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