Our commitment

seeking quality.

Our unique infusion blends incorporate benefits which will help improve your wellness while offering you freshness, superb taste and aroma.

Our main objective:
To offer high quality infusion blends from mother nature
Our policy
High quality standards in every step of the production process
Our mission
To make people happier and feel well every day

about us.

The company KONSTANTINOS BIRTACHAS offers infusions with aromatic herbs which are widely known for their functional capacities and which are 100% natural with pleasant aromas.

Our company is involved in creating herbal mixtures which

  • Assist in metabolising of sugar and fat


  • Are famous for their soothing and relaxing qualities


  • Act beneficially for restful and quality sleep

"I loved your herb mixtures from the first sip! You can taste the quality of the ingredients and smell how fresh they are.
Highly recommended!"

Helena P.

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Our mixtures.