Privacy Policy.

The website is an electronic shop, selling products online (also known as electronic shop or website(which is created and operated by Konstantinos I. Birtahas, who lives at Melinas Merkouri 8, Nea Peramos Attiki Greece and has AFM number 044849552 and DOY ELEFSINAS electronic website for communication is  The website’s consumer assistance line is 6942289428 (from now on the COMPANY)

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the electronic site titled “Stigmes Moments-Wellness, in  which is found at the electronic address info@moments-stigmes. Every user who enters, trades or uses the electronic site (is thereafter called in short, a visitor) or/and user or/and customer depending on whether it is a visit to the site, an order placement or purchase) and is considered to have agreed and accepted unconditionally all the terms printed below without any exceptions. If a user fails to agree to the terms and conditions, they are responsible for abstaining from the visit and use of the website and also from every transaction, or use of the service on the site.


The company reserves the right to alter or revise the terms and conditions regarding the use and transactions on the online site, at any time it feels it necessary to do so, but is therefore obligated to advise consumers regarding any change but by which there will be a notification of the change on our electronic site. It is recommended that visitors and users check the site content from time to time to ensure that terms and conditions of the site are comprehended and followed. In the event that total or partial invalidity occurs the inability to apply individual terms does not diminish the validity of the rest of the terms.

The void that might be created in the agreement amongst the website and the visitor/user from the void term, will be completed with new and altered terms which will be completed as close as possible to the legal purpose of each cancellation. The above refers to every situation and issue and is not regulated by the terms of use. The events are drawn up in the electronic shop in the Greek language.

Provided information and products.

The company reserves the right towards the accuracy, the truth and the information that is available through the electronic site concerning the identification of the company as well as what it provides through the electronic site, transactions. The company in good faith, is not responsible and is not committed το registrations from the electronic site according to erroneous data and is entitled to make corrections at whatever time they may be necessary.

Limited liability.

The company in regards to its transactions with the electronic site, will not be held responsible for , and is not obligated to compensate in the event of error or mishap which occurs as a result of cancellation of an order, the incompletion of it, or the delay of completion , for any reason whatsoever. Availability is not guaranteed of a product seen on the electronic site, however, customers will be advised as to the availability or in availability.  In the event of change, customers will be notified promptly, but the company will not be held responsible following that point.  The electronic site consists of information, names, products and photographs) of the products and services available through the internet site specifically as they appear. Under no circumstance, is the company liable for any breakage, positive or negative or  storage which amounts to the loss of money in which any visitor using the site, or third party actions which result in the malfunction and or misuse or in availability nor is the company liable for information from the customer which may available from third parties who may have access to products or by which intervene with products or information.

Intellectual Property Rights.

The entire content of the electronic shop and any content of any other form connected to it or not, includes specific title, brand sign and icon, written, photograph, design, and text etc., including all the advertising forms and consists of the intellectual rights of the COMPANY which are protected from provisions under the Greek law., the European Union law and the international conventions or intellectual rights of third parties in which the company has been given the permission of use for exclusive jurisdiction for the function of the electronic shop. It is forbidden to copy, move, or create labour production based on this content or the misleading opinion about its actual provider of the electronic shop. The reproduction, loading, announcement of or dissemination of or transmission or any other use of the content in any other form is permitted only following prior consent registration of the COMPANY or any other beneficiary of the intellectual rights. The names, photographs, logo, and distinct features which illustrate and describe the electronic shop with the consumer sign “Stigmes-moments-wellness or its products and services of the COMPANY or third party are assets of the COMPANY or respectively third parties which are protected from specific rights under the consumer act. Their use on the electronic shop does not include by any means the permission or right of use by third parties.

User Responsibilities.

The user/customer agrees and accepts to use the services, information, and data of the electronic shop as the law provides and according to the rules and terms in good faith and the transaction of morals. The users are prohibited from using the e-shop with the trademark Stigmes-moments-wellness for

1.mission, publishing, mission via e-mail or transmission in other modes of its content which is illegal for any reason, provokes illegal access or malfunction to the COMPANY or in whatever way betrays the trust or privacy, information of any person

2. mission, publishing, mission via e-mail or transmission in other modes of any of its content which is illegal for any reason, provokes illegal access or malfunction to the COMPANY or in whatever way betrays the trust of good morals, social values, of minors etc.

3. mission, publishing , mission via e-mail or transmission in other modes of any of its content in accordance with the legislation in force (such as outside information, ownership and confidentiality of information which deliberately or unintentially is in violation or breach of equity as part of an employment relationship covered by confidentiality agreements.

4. mission, publishing , mission via e-mail or transmission in other modes of any of its content in which infringes on any patented trademark, copyright or other ownership rights of third parties.

5. mission, publishing , mission via e-mail or transmission in other modes of any of its content in which contains viruses on software or hardware computer devices, codes or programs which have been designed to provoke damage, destruction of the equipment and or function whatever hardware or software of the computer.6.deliberate or the unintentional infringement of the legislation of the parties in force.7.harrasing others in any way8.collecting or storing personal data concerning other users.

Limited License.

The website www.moments-stigmes .gr, under the terms and conditions which are set above are all applicable by laws and regulations grants the user an exclusive, non transferable restricted right of access, use and presentation of his site and the content of elements. This license does not constitute a transfer of title to the website and contents of it are subject to the following a) all copies must be kept in reference to the website and its elements, all the notifications regarding intellectual rights and all ownership rights and b) you cannot modify the site and its contents in any way or form or reproduce or present publicly or distribute or in any other way use the website and its contents for any public or commercial purpose except if otherwise permitted by the product.

Protection of personal data and the use of it, is subject to the terms of this product section coincident with the new general regulation (EE) 2016/679 of the European common wealth and its board 27 April 2016 “for the protection of the natural persons against the processing of personal data and for the free circulation of such data” (GDPR)  in place of the current directive 95/46/EK  and the national laws that transposed it, that is 2472/1997 and 4624/2019 as they are.

The provisional declaration of data protection explains which information is collected for you, where the information is used and who is transmitting it. The present statement of protection describes the way in which the COMPANY uses the collected information through the website www. Moments The present Protection Statement of Data solely refers to your frontpage data which was provided during your order at the present website.

Privacy Policy

The COMPANY created the present website with primary intention to serve its customers. You can surf our website without revealing personal information. To use our service it is necessary that we are provided with certain personal data, such as surname, address, (sender/receiver e-mail.) In the event that you are committing to a transaction and choose to pay the price by using your credit card, you will automatically be transferred from our electronic site to the banking system of which will enter and process your information in order to complete the transaction.

Exploring our site means that you are aware and accept unconditionally the present protecting policy, personal data. You can have access to and become aware of our communication data or communicate with us at the e-mail indicated below. When offering your personal data, it is implied that you accept that we may keep personal information. We may continue to edit information as per your account as to complete our legal business goals, to comply with legal and regulating responsibilities as well as to follow data history for analyzing purposes. We use extreme technical measures to prevent unauthorized access to account information.

The COMPANY advises you that your personal data will not be used without your agreement and in no way will be made public, revealed, traded for used or sold to third parties. The only way your personal data can be made public is if it is ordered by judge or other authority in accordance with the Greek and European law.

The COMPANY has the right to change terms and conditions associated with personal information after advising so in the present site and is always in agreement with existing or future legal framework. Minors who wish to use the site must always have a parent’s consent and the parents are solely responsible for the submission of their minor’s personal data.

Declaration Of Data Protection.

Protection of personal data and the use of it, is subject to the terms of this product section coincident with the new general regulation (EE) 2016/679 of the European common wealth and its board 27 April 2016 “for the protection of the natural persons against the processing of personal data and for the free circulation of such data” (GDPR)  in place of the current directive 95/46/EK  and the national laws that transposed it, that is 2472/1997 and 4624/2019 as they are.

The provisional declaration of data protection explains which information is collected for you, where the information is used and who is transmitting it. The present statement of protection describes the way in which the COMPANY uses the collected information through the website The present Protection Statement of Data solely refers to your front page data which was provided during your order on the present website.

Personal data is information which is determined directly or indirectly. Indirectly means in combination with other information such as, the name, e-mail address, electronic e-shop address and your phone number or any other unique identification device.

In this data protection statement, your information is called “personal data” or ‘personal information” in addition, we collectively mention the use, the collection of, the protection of, or storage of your personal information as “processing” this information.

The website may be connected with third party websites which are not under our control, not controlled by the COMPANY and do not function according to privacy practices. When connected to third party sites, the privacy practices of the COMPANY, no longer exist. We recommend you review the privacy policy in all third party locations before revealing any personal information.

When using our site, it is possible that we may collect information related to you and the use of the relative website, including cookies and analyzing tools. We may collect data about your personal identity such as your name, job title, company name, address, e-mail address, phone number and fax either directly by you or in combination with your personal data which is collected (such as user systems, consumer relation or user systems, identities and access, including the address IP) or which may be retrieved from social media or other third party websites.

We do not have the intent to collect sensitive information through our website except for legal purposes if it is necessary to do so for example sensitive information includes the race or ethnicity of an individual, political opinions, religion or philosophical beliefs, physical or mental health, genetic data, biometric data, sexual life or sexual and criminal record. We ask that you do not provide sensitive information data of this type when using our website. If you choose to give sensitive information for any reason or to disclose personal sensitive information, it is recommended that you have expressed consent, when the consent is necessary and valid with local laws which are described in the present privacy act at the point where calling for revelation of such information is stated.

Some web pages may allow you to send e-mail messages to us. These messages sent through the internet will contain the screen name and address of our e-mail as well as information which you may wish to include.

Use of Information.

Our website collects 4 types of information in regards to our users.(1) data which the user provides when he/she gives us their application as a client, (2) data which the user provides in order to complete an order  from our site (3) data which the user provides when entering a competition which occurs from time to time, (4 data which the user provides when connecting through our platform (anti-virus, android, facebook, google), during the application process of any order form on our site that asks for surname, address, area code, e-mail address, phone number, payment method. In addition, you may be asked for more specific details such as order details, receiving of an order, receipt data or details with regards to discounts that you may have requested. Our website makes use of the information given during the sending of the form in order to communicate with us regarding (i) the delivery of an order to your space, (ii)to confirm with the identity of a customer at the time of need, (iii)for new or alternative products from our site (iv) specific discounts, (v) receiving of gifts after competition. You have the opportunity to choose if you wish to be informed about this type of communication from the COMPANY by sending your request by e-mail to our electronic site

Access to Information.

Every processed order requires the collection of personal data, for delivery or hold of an order. Any documentation and registration certifies and declares the identification of the customer and remains strictly private and is controlled only by our authorised and responsible for, webmaster. Or by your exploitation of personal data, meaning you have compiled this data to be used by the employees of the website for the purpose which are mentioned above. The COMPANY requires the employees and its collaborators to provide users with the level of safety which is mentioned in the present protection data statement. Although you use the appropriate safety measures, once we receive your personal data, the transmission through the internet (including electronic mail) is not always safe. We attempt to protect your personal data, but cannot ensure the safety by which it is transmitted by us or to us.

We can reveal personal information to third parties when asked and when you request and consent for this subscription.

Use of Personal Data.

We will use your personal data for the intent mentioned above. We do not collect or process more or other forms of personal data than what is necessary to complete the related task. We will use personal data only in agreement with the designated which is present in the protection data statement, except if you have provided your agreement for other use of your personal data. If you intend on using your personal data which is processed upon your agreement, for other intentions other than those known to us, we will inform you promptly and, in the event that it is processed, it will be based on your agreement. We will use your personal data for other uses only when permitted by you.

Your information, including personal data can be transmitted and held on computer devices outside the country, when the protection law may differ.

The Use of data For Advertising Purposes.

For the continuing improvement and enhancement of our services, we may send you marketing messages through e-mail which relate to our business, and which may interest you. You may choose the type of communication in which you prefer to be sent at any time, informing us accordingly through e-mail. In addition, you may discontinue at any time. Your personal data will not be used for advertising purposes, except if you have consented prior agreement and is of your choice. However, for existing customers, their e-mail address in which has been received by us, in relation with the present existing customer service, may provide marketing material which is in accordance to similar products or services in which you may have previously requested, used or have interested you. You may however, oppose to the use during the collection and each time you send a message. In order to stop the receiving of e-mails which refer to advertising, follow the instructions through our e-mail which you will receive.

Legal Obligations and legal defence.

It may be necessary to use and keep personal data for legal purposes and conformations, which prevent, detect, investigate a crime, prevent fraud or other abuse relative to our services and our information systems. It is also possible that we use your personal data for national or international control, safety reasons, or for the protection or implementation of your rights, your privacy, your property or other persons.

The present privacy policy is valid for the use of our site (, with the following (website) mechanisms and characteristics which concern safety.

We will keep your personal data in our system only for the time we see necessary, data for which we intend to collect or is needed by law. We keep communication data (such as address lists) until the time a user cancels his subscription or requests of us to delete this information.

When we keep personal information, we are responsible for the accurate record keeping of your information which you provide and verified. We do not take responsibility for any verification of the current precision of your personal data.

If you have any questions about the accuracy of the recognised information of which you provided previously, or wish to delete old information, contact us. We will delete your identification information from our system, once you have requested us to do so under the condition that it is practically and commercially feasible.

Rights Regarding Your Information.

You have the right:

To request a copy of the personal information kept by us

To request that we update your personal information in which we keep for you or to revise this personal information that may be incorrect or incomplete.

To request that we delete your personal information kept by us or to limit the applicable use of your personal information

Το oppose the processing of your personal information and/or

To withdraw your consent regarding the processing of your personal information (at the level where the processing is based on your consent and your agreement which is thereby the only basis for processing.

If you have any questions or complaints in reference to the statement regarding privacy or about the form of which your information is processed on the website or wish to access any of your rights based on the agreement mentioned above, please contact us at the following:

This protection statement of personal data was created: Monday 3 February 2020.

We can update this personal protection of data statement at any time by posting an updated version here. The new revised personal protection data statement will be in affect from the date of revision. Consequently, we recommend you check the present personal protection statement periodically in order to be kept informed as to how your information is protected.


The COMPANY has the ability to use cookies as part as the facilitation but also function of the services through its website. Cookies are small files, in which are shipped and stored in the electronic computer of the user, allowing websites to function unexpectedly an without technical  abnormalities, to collect multiple choices of the user, to recognise frequent users, to make it more efficient, and for the collection of data to improve the content of the site. Cookies does not cause damage to the electronic computers of its users nor to the archives stored by them. We use cookies to provide you with information and to process orders and also cookies allow us to present advertising and commercial content in regards to your interests and needs. You must keep in mind that cookies is absolutely necessary for the proper function of our website. Cookies is divided in the following categories:

– Necessary cookies. Allow the basic function of the site, such as the addition to the goods basket, the saving of products in the wish list and the electronic payment. Without the necessary cookies, the efficient function of the electronic shop, would suffer, it would further limit your personal experience of exploration and basic function of the e-commerce would under-function as a result. –Cookies functionality. Cookies remember your preferences during your exploration/surfing of the site, as to aid us in recommending the appropriate products based on your needs and making it much easier to find what you are seeking. –Cookies performance. Cookies perform by collecting information regarding how visitors use our site. It allows us to see which pages are frequently visited. It informs us of any arising problems during surfing practices etc. Cookies does not collect information which determine the visitor as the information is collective and anonymous. It is used only to enhance the function of the site.

-Cookies Advertisements. This type of cookies is used to provide advertisements in regards to your interests. They are also used to send advertisements or discounts in which respond to your needs, this way limiting unwanted and irrelevant advertisement messages. Moreover, they help to rate efficiency in advertising campaigns. – Cookies Analytics. Is a subset of cookies functionality and gives us the opportunity to rate the efficiency of different function systems of our site, continuing to improve in this way the experience that we offer you.

Third party suppliers including Google, may present advertisements of the COMPANY on websites on the internet, to use cookies for informative purposes, enhancement and appearance of advertisements based on prior visitation of the user on our site.

Our website also allows us to utilize cookies from your previous visits for repetitive marketing purposes. You may choose to be excluded from this type of use of cookies from Google. In addition, to regulate your browser (chrome, Firefox, edge etc.), to inform you each time prior to downloading a cookie and allows you the choice to download or exclude it. In this event, keep in mind that you may not be in the position to utilize all its functions. The COMPANY is able to use Google Analytics functions for advertising purposes (for example, repetitive marketing, reports, network display, Google display etc. Visitors can be excluded from Google Analytics by choosing the related choice.

The COMPANY and third part suppliers, including Google, use cookies together (such as cookies Google Analytics) to inform, enhance, and for the appearance of advertisements, according to your previous visits to a website, for the implementation purposes in regards to the way in which advertisements appear on their website., other advertising services, interactions with these advertising appearances and services which relate to visitors on its website. The COMPANY can use data information from the advertisements based on the interests of Google or the data of common third parties (such as age, sex, and interests) with Google Analytics. We hold the right to change this policy with cookies at any time. Whichever changes apply, will come into effect as revised Cookies and will be available on our website. Third part advertisers and other businesses which we cooperate with, can use our cookies to collect information that relates to your activities on our site.

Secure Transaction.

The COMPANY is committed to securing as much as possible the safety and integrity of your data which it selects regarding the user on the site. We have adopted procedures in which protect our user’s data that is produced on the site. These procedures protect user data from unauthorised access or revelation, loss or bad use, change and damage. It also helps to certify that this data is accurate and is used correctly, in agreement with the terms and safety standards PCI DSS, which always applies and is provided from the NATIONAL bank, in the event that you use the bank’s payment method.

We apply the appropriate upgrading level of safety and we have since embodied essential, natural electronics, and administrative practices for the safety of the personal data in which we collect from accidental or illegal damage, loss, alteration, unauthorised notification or access to personal data which is read, saved, or in other way is processed. Our policy as far as safety measures are concerned, are strictly in line with the accepted international models and are reviewed frequently and are revised whenever needed, in order to pay for business needs, changes in technology and regulation demands. The access to your personal data is granted only to the employees or direct employees of the COMPANY in which is necessary to be obtained.

For the ordering service. In the event of infringement, data which contains personal information, will be respected by the COMPANY will respect the present legislation in regards to informing of the infringement practice.

Applicable law and other conditions.

The present terms of use including their amendment, are governed when necessary, by the Greek Community law, and also by relevant international conditions, however the courts of the city of Athens is primarily responsible.

Whichever provision of the above conditions is contrary to the laws, automatically becomes invalid and no longer exists and is removed from and under no condition will it be affected by the so terms. No alteration of these terms will be considered and will not be considered part of this agreement if not worded in writing and integrated in this agreement.

The website holds the right to modify at any time or to revise the present terms or rules/and conditions, without previous warning by informing visitors through a post on a new terms notification on the present website.

If you use the present website, you accept and agree to the present personal protection statement and in addition with the terms and conditions of use of the website which has been announced in the site.

Ordering policy.

Shipment of Products.

From the time your order has been received, it will be processed and sent within 3 or 4 working days beginning the minute of completion of the order. If you choose to pay through a remittance bank account, then your order will be sent 3 or 4 working days from the time in which we receive deposit approval. The products will be sent to the address which the customer has provided during the submission of their order. The handling costs will be in the lowest amount suggested. We make every effort to ship the products in the time frame mentioned above.

Delayed Delivery.

The shipment of your order may be delayed due to the following reasons:

  1. During the event of unpredictable or bad weather conditions or other form of abuse which may have an impact on the shipment and delivery of your order
  2. If it is impossible to contact the customer through telephone or e-mail
  3. If a problem with your order arises, such as:
  • In relation to the payment of it
  • The information you have provided is incorrectly updated
  • The Risk of Damage or Destruction of a Product

The shipped products are secured under (the shipment method) for damage or loss during shipment. This fails to apply to an order once the order has been received.


Returns regarding to wrong shipments.

In all cases where they are delivered other than sold, by type and quantity or have previously agreed by ELTA, the customer returns the products for observation to ensure wrongdoing within 2 days. In this event the shipping costs and revision costs will be conducted by the COMPANY as long as the return policy is followed.


The shipment costs are covered by the COMPANY.

  1. In the event that a product’s packaging is destroyed partially or in bigger part. The customer is obligated to check the packaging in the event that it is damaged in any way and has the right to reject the delivery and return to the deliverer or to voice the /problem or complaint within 2 calendar days from the delivery date but any further days, results to the loss of this right, thus be aware to disclose the problem within the days stated above. The COMPANY is obligated to promptly replace the product with another. It will be considered that the parcel has arrived in perfect condition unconditionally if not stated.
  2. If the package undergoes packaging damage or property shortage, in which property, has been previously documented by the COMPANY.
  3. In the event of returns by costs covered by the COMPANY, the product must be returned in the situation received by the customer and in time frame applicable as stated above. Any hesitation to do so by the customer will be accepted only for reasons relating abuse or the right of return based on the above conditions.
  4. For situations regarding the return of any products, they must be accompanied by the product itself as well as all the paper work (such as ……….) and all the packaging of the order.
  5. In the event of a return of a product, we will replace the item under the condition that we take into consideration all the necessary checks accessed by the company.
  6. In the event that the products are returned damaged, or returned in partial form, the COMPANY has the right to ask for compensation, the cost of which will be determined by the condition in which it is received when the claim is made against the customer.



In agreement with the guide 2013/11/EK, in which was incorporated in Greece, with KYA 70330/2015, different electronic resolutions are now available. Alternative Dispute Resolution in its entirety with the European Union. If a customer has any problem with the purchase in which they have made from a website, they can initiate the procedure…through the panasian platform for the electronic resolution of differences (platform HED) available at htpps://